Anglers Tue, Jun 20 2017 20:00

No Dominoes Just Hula Girls For Derek!

Ben G

Before I write about the quiz at the Anglers I want to mention that Tonight's blog is a tribute to Neena, one of our own and a true quiz legend x

The pub was a sea of quizzers tonight, a buzzing crowd all talking about the events of the week and claiming Andy Murray was Scottish again following a first round exit at Queen's. But this wasn't all that was being talked about...there was the small matter of our jackpot rollover to be won. The teams settled into a first half that ended with a three way tie for first! Brian Can't No More, Derek and the Hula Girls and I Said That! Were top of the quiz tops. The second round was as always at this Teddington drinking hole, a frenetic one. So close it was closer than Closer magazine being read by Glen Close in Brookside Close! And that is close ladies and germs. Anyhoo I digress, we had a tiebreaker of course. It was between Derek and the Hula Girls and I Said That! The question was about Starbucks around the world. You could cut the tension with a chainsaw! Derek and his Hula Girls won it! Well done them.
Rick from Brian Can't No More came up for the chance to win £716! She got all the way down my river to the last card with a 7 of hearts...she went higher...could this be a lucky 7? YES! She won the JACKPOT!!!!!!!!
It was yet another epic night so here's to you Neena...a wonderful part of our quiz world and always with us. What a poignant night to remember a quiz legend with a win for your team...goodnight and God bless xxx
See you next Tuesday Quizland...

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