Anglers Tue, Apr 18 2017 20:00

Nothing General About This Quiz Election

Ben G

With a snap election on its way, John Terry with the Chelsea blues and Donald John Trump disrespecting the star spangled banner there was only one thing to do...have yet another news worthy quiz at The Anglers! As always it was a close affair in a nail biting first round. Only three points separated the top seven teams. I could see our obligatory tiebreaker moving swiftly towards us. The second half was a sticky one. More teams coming unstuck than at an adhesive fashion convention. It was to be The Bird Brains ft Salma's Little Shnitzle that would win the night by three points! Second week on the spin for them. Can they make it a treble? A special mention goes out to The Quizlamic State. These quiz virgins were on a worse run than Zola at Birmingham City. Perhaps they will return for revenge next time. One of our chums from Megaforce came up to play for an incredible rollover jackpot of £284 but alas was foiled on the first turn on my river. That means we are looking at over £300 next week! Could you stop a famous treble? Will we get rid of May in June? Will Terry come out of the blues and into the red? Find out next week, same quiz time, same quiz channel. See you next Tuesday Quizland.

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Top Teams
The Bird Brains ft Salma's Little Shnitzle
M25 Blues
Terry's All Old
Where Seagulls Dare
I Said That!
Quiz****c State