Anglers Tue, Mar 14 2017 20:00

One Bird, Two Stones and a Beer Batter Blatter Mix!

Ben G

With the ever increasing absence of the TJCs and no Megaforce out to play, it was anyone's guess who would win the night. How on earth could we follow last week's shenanigans what with a four way tie and the jackpot being won? We gave it our best shot. A supremely close first half saw only 4 points between the top eleven teams. It was closer than Jose and Antonio's faces in front of the Stamford Bridge dugout. The second half continued in the same fashion. It was more tense than a BBC News interview in your home office. Could Blatter make a footballing comeback? Could Two Dyslexic Non Blondes complete another bottle job? Or could Baldrick come up with yet another cunning plan to steal a famous victory? There were only two points between the top three... The Bird Brain ft Aromatic Crispy Duck Blatter swooped in for the win. Well done them. Rick came up to play the rollover from I Said That! For yet another turn of the cards. Alas he fell at the first card on the river. It means we have a nice £53 in the pot for next week. Could you scoop the jackpot? Could you have the game of your life and do four step overs past the Blatter boys? Will this blog ever end? Find out next week. Same quiz time, same quiz channel. See you next Tuesday Quizland.

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Top Teams
The Bird Brain ft Aromatic Crispy Duck Blatter
The Two Dyslexic Non Blondes
We Have A Cunning Plan
I Didn't See A Nanny I Saw A Tiger Mum Fail
I Said That!