Anglers Tue, Jul 04 2017 20:00

Really? You Cannot Be Serious! They Won!

Ben G

A cosy quiz night at a sun drenched Anglers tonight. The heat was rising and so was the tension. The first half saw a competitive edge as You Cannot Be Serious and I Said That! Took the top two spots. It was a tough quiz tonight and the Teddington regulars were feeling the temperature as well as the pressure. The second round was another close one, closer than an elbow to Mark Cavendish's face during a sprint finish in France. The positions didn't change at the summit though - You Cannot Be Serious shouted at the umpire and won the tournament! Well done them. Ann from the same team came up for some Play Your Cards Right action and was dashed by a four. Better luck next time. The jackpot should be over £100 next week. Could you take a slice of this jackpot pie? Has Mark Cavendish got a puncture repair kit in his bumbag? Will Andy Murray's hip hold out in the second round? Find out next week. Same quiz time, same quiz channel. See you next Tuesday Quizland...

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