Anglers Tue, Apr 04 2017 20:00

Slap Happy Chappies Talking With Their Brains and Not With Their Fists

Ben G

I wasn't sure what was going to happen at The Anglers Following the epic events of last week. It was a great atmosphere as always and the teams were all out for their usual slice of quiz glory. A tight first half saw only a few points between the top three - The Bird Brains ft Shake Ya Jjibouti, David Moyes' Slap Happy Chappies and Trio. It was a real fight to the finish in the second half where the place was shaking harder than a female journalist in David Moyes' office. And of course when things are this tight at the Anglers we have our obligatory tie breaker. A tense affair which saw very close answers to the question about Welsh households during the 2011 census. It was to be the Slap Happy Chappies victory parade. They used their heads instead of their fists on this occasion. Well done them. Becks from Phoebe's Pants came up for a go at Play Your Cards Right and got all the way to The end of my river with a seven. She went lower and ended up with a Jack! So close. The £195 rolls over to next week. Could you go one card better than Becks? Can you restrain yourselves enough to win the quiz? Can I get more than one view of this blog each week? (Thanks mum by the way) Find out next week. Same quiz time, same quiz channel. See you next Tuesday Quizland...

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