Anglers Tue, Aug 22 2017 20:00

Teddington Rocked By Birds, Brains, Bevvies, Brilliance And One Hell Of A Last Hurrah!

Ben G

Well what can I say? Sorry this is going to be a long blog. I have been plugging tonight for about six weeks and it was billed as the epic last quiz before I hand over to the animated Mark. And what an amazing last night at the Anglers it was. It was my best night of quizzing for over eleven years with Question One Quiz. There were road blocks, lines of traffic and a public house full to capacity for one last time before Mark takes over next Tuesday (And I'm not one over egging the pudding) 108 quizzers turned up to one of the hottest most emotional nights of my Question One Career. Old teams like Ken Dodd's Dad's Dog's Dead, So Long And Thanks For The Quiz and Fat Kids Are Harder To Kidnap who I haven't seen for a while joined a host of Anglers regulars and some new teams too. It was the buzziest of Tuesday atmospheres and the first half was a tough one. The leaders at the half were Ben's Leaving...Dubai Me A River, closely followed by The Bird Brains ft Dubai Dubai Ben, Daft Spunk and Happy Crazy Punters Delight Worldwide Ltd. The second half is where it got more heated than Icarus holding a nuclear generator, after Superman flying around the world backwards, hurtling too close to the Sun! It was hot ladies and germs! But it was a fitting tribute on my last Teddington Tuesday as we had a heated tiebreaker! The Bird Brains ft Dubai Dubai Ben and Ben's Leaving...Dubai Me A River battled it out for quiz supremacy. The question was about New York and miles from London as the crow flies. It was to be The Bird Brains ft Dubai Dubai Ben who won the night. Well done them! As had been heavily publicised the jackpot had to be won tonight and it was a tense affair. Tickets were being pulled and several team members were thrust into my tribute to Brucie. It was Gary from Bon Voyage who after about ten different quizzers finally prevailed. I just want to say thank you to all my regulars and all of the teams who I have quizzed over the last ten years in Teddington. Thank you so much to Salma for the cakes, Megaforce for the team hoodie, I Said That! for my card and Ben When Will We See You Again for my Arsenal shirt with 'Angler' on the back. You have been with me and I have been with you through marriages (good luck Jamie for Saturday) births and sad times (God bless Neena) but most importantly of all we have had laughter, beers and happiness for a decade. Please get in touch if you are near Dubai- [email protected] or Ben Glanfield on Facebook. And for one final time, Mark will see you next Tuesday, same quiz time, same quiz channel. Thank you for all the memories. It's been emotional x ...

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