Anglers Tue, Jun 06 2017 20:00

'That' Was A Close Shave Was What Was Said.

Ben G

Another week, another legend walks off with the summer wine. This did not stop the usual Anglers Feistiness though and it certainly was a close shave! The first half saw only four points separating all of the teams with I Said That! In pole position. This made for a competitive second half. With much talk about Jedward's glittering career throughout we found ourselves with a top three. A tie for third saw the Space Oddities and The Fantastic Phwoar take the Bronze. The Windy Millers took the Silver and the campions were I Said That! Kudos to them. Chris from the Windy Millers came up for a chance on my river of dreams. The jackpot was a staggering £623. Alas he only made it half way. Foxed by the seven of hearts! He said afterwards that he had the 'wrong trousers'. It does mean that we could be pushing closer to the £700 mark next week. Could you get through six measly cards? Will Diane Abbot ever get better at public speaking? Will Jedward do anything for money? Find out next week. Same quiz time, same quiz channel. See you next Tuesday Quizland...

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