Anglers Tue, Oct 25 2016 20:00

The Bird Brains are Brooming Marvelous!

Ben G

I felt poetic tonight following another Bird Brains ft Broom Broom Broom Broom win. Two on the bounce...

Tuesday night at my favourite pub quiz,
The teams began with sparkle and fizz.
The Anglers quizzers fighting for the top at half time,
Only four points the difference seemed quizzically sublime.

No Megaforce to challenge for the lead,
Just 'The 3 Must Get Beers' in 1st with great speed.
Surely they could hang on to that single, solitary point?
Alas but no they would have to draw swords in some other joint.

''Twas the Bird Brains ft Broom Broom Broom Broom,
Who were indeed the toast of the drinking room.
Two on the bounce, can they make it three?
Or do you have the smarts to snatch away their triple victory?

Join us next time for a jackpot rollover of over £200 and more quizzical fun at The Anglers. See you next Tuesday Quizland.

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