Anglers Tue, Apr 25 2017 20:00

The Cake Escape

Ben G

I believe it was Marie Antoinette who said 'Let them Eat cake' (or brioche) and at the Anglers it was no different. Salma had baked up a storm for the evening's quiz mastery. Was this to fuel the quizzical brain cells or a cunning attempt to nobble the opposition? Her team were on for a treble after all. The first half was a close shave between The Windy Millers, Mob Funkhouse ft Bob Monkhouse, Rufus' Fan Club and Stop Hogging the Restaurant. It was the second half that would be the turning point. Salma had dished out her Lemon Drizzle and everyone seemed to be in a Cake coma. This gave the other teams a chance to catch up. Was it to be a famous third win on the spin for the Funkhouse crew? Fo Shizzle my lemon drizzle! It was not, Stop Hogging the Restaurant won the night. Whilst everyone else was a bit lemon, our friends from Rufus' fan club came up for a slice of rollover action. With £316 in the pot it was a tense start. Alas they only got to the second card. Could you win this epic jackpot? Will Salma bake more tasty treats? Will I ever come out of my lemon drizzle coma? Find out next week, same quiz time, same quiz channel. See you next Tuesday Quizland...

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Top Teams
Stop Hogging the Restaurant
Rufus' Fan Club
Mob Funkhouse ft Bob Monkhouse
The Windy Millers
The Four Skins
Tranmere Rovers
We Want Some Cake!
I Thought This Was Speed Dating Night!