Anglers Tue, Feb 21 2017 20:00

The Pies The Limit

Ben G

Another seriously fought quiz at The Anglers saw Megaforce on the charge for a fourth straight victory. Could they do it again? The teams were betting ferociously before the quiz but the big bet of the night was whether I would eat a pie at half time! A close first half saw two teams finish joint top. Fanny Blatter Wife of Sepp and Sky Bet Ben Will Eat a Pie at Half Time battled to the quiz summit. It was an equally close second round with Megaforce being pegged back into third. Fanny Blatter Wife of Sepp won the evening by a single point. It was closer than a round of golf with President Trump! The jackpot also went for the second week running too! More money changed hands tonight than pies eaten at FA cup ties. Can you stop the football lads in their tracks next week? See you next Tuesday Quizland. Same quiz time, same quiz channel...

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Sky Bet that Ben Will Eat a Pie in the Second Half
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