Anglers Tue, Jan 24 2017 20:00

Those Birds of a Feather Fly together With No Sign Of Leather

Ben G

Following a week of cold mornings and cold shoulders from ex US presidents. Following a week of frosty car windows and frosty stares from ex US presidents, it was nice to reach the relative warmth of the Anglers Tuesday quiz night. And what a night it was. The Bird Brains Ft those Feather Pineapple Chunks were in the lead by two at the half. Could Allo, Allo, Goodbye, I Said That and Ivonna Grab Your Puppy catch the leaders? Or would the leaders soar to greater heights? Well The Bird Brains took off and never looked back even though they were weighed down by fruits. The jackpot was also a special affair after Allo, Allo, Goodbye won the jackpot last week and then got chosen twice this week before giving I Said That a chance to Play their cards right. The jackpot is up for grabs next week as a result of some dangerous card choices from Rick. All this drama in Teddington has made me want to do it all over again! See you next Tuesday Quizland, same quiz time, same quiz channel...

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