Anglers Tue, Nov 08 2016 20:00

Top Trumps!

Ben G

As I sit here typing this, one of the biggest events in history is taking place over the 'pond'. Luckily for the Anglers regulars one historical event has already finished. Yes that's right a new President has been elected at our Question One quiz! There were scenes of uproar at the start of the second half as there was a four way tie for first! These teams included 'Has Somebody Trumped?' and Hillary Bids 'No Trumps'... there were so many similarities to the American election race. Some shouted 'fix!', others screamed cheaters and a few traded insults all the way to the finish... the votes (scores) were collected... A silence fell over the conference room (pub)... The new President (winners) was... Has Somebody Trumped? At that moment everyone held their breath along with the rest of the World (partly because of the smell) What a night for both candidates. Can you put together your own campaign? Join the quiz trail next week and find out. See you next Tuesday Quizland.

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