Arnos Arms Mon, Sep 04 2017 19:30

Fun in Zone 4

Tok A

If you're like me - a Londonder who assumes Ines you get any further north from Wood Green you head into rocky cliffs, mountains and volcanoes - you've probably only ever ventured to an area like Arnos Grove on a night out to a party at a friends family home spending most of the evening desperately trying to locate the night bus that brings you back to the normal part of London.
Well if you ever are in Arnos Grove for whatever reason again, do yourself a favour and pay a visit to the Arnos Arms. Quite possibly the most delicious pub burger that I have ever tasted (coming from a quiz master who travels to different pubs all over the city asking questions and eating burgers) a gorgeous eating area and an outdoor garden with a PING PONG TABLE!

All of this of course is without me mentioning the quiz that takes part there on a Monday evening. Perhaps the best way to beat the Monday depression, cure a hangover and redeem your pride from your unspeakable actions from the weekend before. I'm planning to go back and that's just as a customer and I think you should too!

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