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David M

It really doesn't get much better than this apart from at other quizzes.

Tonight we had one of the most nail biting quizzes I have been to this week not counting Sunday.

It all happened at The Atlas. It started good and then it got better and better until it exploded. (I'm exaggerating a bit there. Suffice to say it was dead, dead good)

I'll tell you what happened OK?

It started off right, and then they all started doing it yeah, and then they kept going OK and then they had a break and then they started doing it again yeah and then it went really, really fast and then it got dead, dead good and then it ended.

The Teams.

It wouldn't really be fair to do this report without mentioning the teams because without them I don't think it would have happened.

Last week we had a bright new team, part HR, part nurse and part food connesuer. They called themselves Strangers In The Night. It was all a bit Frank Sinatra.

They didn't win okay but they did really, really good and came second and won a great big bottle of wine.

So this week yeah, they came back only there was less of them and they called themselves KEM yeah, which kind of stands for where they live and they live and that, only this time they did better. They did much, much better and they ended up beating every single team in the house and won themselves first prize!

It was absolutely, unbelievably really, really good.

Well done KEM and well done everyone else who was there and those that weren't.

See you all next Tuesday.

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