Atlas Tue, Jul 10 2018 20:00

An Amazing Night

David M

The Atlas Quiz in West Brompton looked like it would go down in history as the only quiz to be played in the Atlas on the same night as France beat Belgium in the 2018 World Cup.
There were only ever three teams in it right from the word go.
Everyone who played really knew what they were doing.
The pens came in handy. Without them, it wouldn't have been the same.
The teams also contributed to the excitement of it all. Without them, it would not have been the same game at all.

It was a game in two halves. The first and second half.
New team "The Raconteurs" came out of nowhere, by that I mean the front door.

For a while, they were finding their feet. Eventually, they did find them on the end of their legs and they gave multiple winners "The Soft Tops" a real run for their money which is why they needed their legs.

In the end, though "The Soft Tops" had it by eight points.

It was excitement all the way. A truly fantastic and unbelievably fabulous way to spend a Tuesday night.

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