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Caught Having A Quiz

David M

Tonight it was all about the teams. In fact without them I really don't think it would have been as exciting as it was because without any shadow of a doubt it most definitely was a quiz.

OK let's pull it back a bit...where did this quiz take place?

Answer: In The Atlas, West Brompton that's where.

How many teams were there?

Answer: There were five teams in all.
Let's count them shall we? One, two, three, four, five. Five teams.
Five glorious teams and they were filled with the type of spirit that George Best must have guzzled by the gallon in his hey day.

Only one team scored more than any other and that was 'Beer Grills'. They certainly knew how to use those pens and they certainly knew how to write because they wrote more correct answers down than anybody else.

But there was another team who kept them on the run. Nobody expected them and least of all me and they were 'The Spanish Inquisition'. They played so unexpectedly well that they ended up winning a great big bottle of wine.

But playing this quiz isn't just about the winning it's also about the losing and one team lost probably better than any other and that was the brilliantly named 'Her Majesty Equizibeth the 2nd'.

First time players and terrific players they live to quiz another day.

Happy New Year everyone. Hope you all had a great time. See you all very soon.

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