Atlas Tue, Sep 05 2017 20:00

Controversy and Scandal

David M

An extremely controversial and tense evening erupted into a tight no nonsense fight to the finish between some different teams in The Atlas Pub West Brompton.

It was a night that finished in the second half with some teams having higher scores than others. The team with the least score was at the bottom and the team with the highest score was right up at the top as you would except.

No controversy there.
The Quiztells were bouncing along not actually challenging LaTriviata this week, just teasing them from the sidelines.

But right out of the blue came The Cool Guys In The Corner By The Toilets. They banged it home and here's where the controversy comes in they banged it home by a half a point...

Everyone knows there is no such thing as a half a point in this game but the quiz master was totally unrelenting.

This is the second week running that LaTriviata have been cruelly denied the top spot. The quiz master has been immediately suspended to Utrecht for a week. An inquiry is now taking place about it all probably.

Well done Cool Guys and well done bottle of wine winners LaTriviata.

I'll say this to LaTriviata, justice will be done and when you come back it will feel better than ever. Remember these word's of Benjamin Franklin....

"When we lose someone we think it is the end...
But it's not
Because only when we have stood in the deepest valley
Do we know how great it is to stand on the highest hill"

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