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Eight Teams in the ultimate quiz battle

David M

By anybody's books there were eight full on teams playing like mad on Tuesday night in The Atlas West Brompton.

So there were eight teams. Let's count them shall we?. One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight teams.

Eight teams. Imagine that. Can you? Can you? I can.

Here's what happened.
By the end of the first half it was really, really close.
Three time winners 'LA Triviata' were tieing neck and neck for second place with two other teams with different names.
There was one point between them and the top team 'Squeeze My Nipples Hard Please'.

'The Binge Thinkers' were nowhere and I mean nowhere to be seen after the first half. Second to bottom
But in the second half it all went totally and completely crackers.

Here's what I think happened. LaTriviata have been trying different line ups lately. They are three time winners consistently high finishers, either first or second place but tonight that didn't happen. I believe that was because other teams scored higher number of points overall.

The team that scored even more points than the team that came in second was the Binge Thinkers. They came from nowhere. First time players. An amazing achievement. Don't be surprised if you end up reading about this in the newspapers tomorrow.*(1)

*(1) Unlikely.

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