Atlas Tue, Jun 12 2018 20:00

Frank Sinatra

David M

The most important thing you can say about tonight's quiz was that it took place on Tuesday.

What a smashing night it turned out to be at The Atlas. One of the best things about it was that everyone took part in it who was playing.

There were questions about all sorts of things. Some of the questions were harder than others and some of the teams scored more points than others.

None of that really matters. What does matter is that everybody really, really, really enjoyed it.

A great new team joined us tonight. Strangers in the Night. They knew what they were doing because they came in second and won themselves a load of alcohol and everything.

Tonight's winners though were the Soft Tops. I say that because they scored more points than everybody else.

Well done Soft Tops and well done everyone in the world.

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