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I Dreamed A Dream

David M

It was the magnificent Susan Boyle who first drew the publics attention to a historical musical set in France at the time of the June Rebellion of 1832. Most people assume that the Schönberg musical is about the French Revolution of 1789 but it isn't it is a bit further on than that but nevertheless that is what most people think if you ask them about it.

In fact, most people think that Susan Boyle won Britain's Got talent but she didn't. She came second. Someone else won who nobody now remembers.

Susan was the real winner on that night and after that her career went from success to success.

And when Susan first opened her mouth and began singing the words to I Dreamed A Dream on Britain's Got Talent, the entire nation was thrown back to those bloody days of 1832 and the false hopes of overthrowing the reign to Louis-Phillippe which ran alongside feelings of utter hopeless at the failure of the rebellion to march on The Hotel de Ville and win power.

Susan tapped into all that on that very special night which we all remember on Britain's Got Talent.

Tonight we were reminded once more of that night when Les Quizerables scored an almost perfect score at The Atlas in West Brompton. Forty points in all. Amazing.

But they had a good run for their money because running up behind them were old favorites The Seasonal Specials who just missed the top prize by 15 points.

A stunning result by all accounts.

It really reminds me of that time when the French constitution established.... (WORD COUNT COMPLETE)

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