Atlas Tue, Nov 14 2017 20:00

I Have Been To The Top And Lost it Soft

David M

There were four members of the Beatles, John Lennon and the other three, makes four. Four people exactly.

There were four members of the Fantastic Four, Stretchy, Invisibly, Hotty and Ugly. Exactly four in total. Four people or, to be precise four super heroes.

There are four people in a tennis match of doubles. Ever thought about that before? There are two on one side and two on the other, makes four altogether. Four players exactly.

There are four working days of the week, not counting Friday.
Monday one, Tuesday two, Wednesday three and Thursday four. Four days exactly.

The number four has been with us a good long time and will probably be with us a whole lot more. It's everywhere.

Four, four, four, four.

And tonight at The Atlas pub in West Brompton there were four teams exactly that faced each other for a full on head to head quizathon of questions.

Sam's Angels made one of the most remarkable turn a rounds scoring nine in the first half but finishing right up there with a score of twenty seven at the end of the second half.

Let's get quizzical had a mega first and second half and ended up winning a great big bottle of wine.

But winners of the night were our former winners, no strangers to this part of the world, The Soft Tosoo with a massive thirty eight points.

Hope you all enjoyed yourselves and hope to see you all soon.

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