Atlas Tue, Dec 05 2017 20:00


David M

Even though Chelsea were playing tonight it didn't stop people coming over to West Brompton on Tuesday night because they knew there was an equally important sporting challenge going on in The Atlas.

Everyone who had a pen was writing answers like there was no tomorrow. Some teams were getting more right than others but it didn't stop everyone playing along and seeing how well they could do.

Great to see 'LaTriviata' back on the scene again. Warming up after a long stay away. Most definitely a team to watch out for.

It's great to see teams come on and grow in stature. One team that has picked itself up out of the gutter and turned itself into a formidable answering machine is 'The Imperial 'B's', who it is fare to say were robbed tonight but it won't stop them from dusting themselves off and coming back to conquer an empire in the new year.

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