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David M

The other night (Saturday) for the second time in the week I was hanging out with the comedic actor Matt Berry. (See photo below.) You may or may not know that Matt recently starred in a hit TV series Toast.

Matt really would have had a lot in common with tonight's winners 'The Marmalades'.

Marmalade and Toast is something that really goes well together.

I'm more of a muesli man myself but I don't mind a bit of Marmalade on Toast or even a bit of Lemon Curd for that matter.

Tonight was one of those nights where 'The Marmalades' could do nothing wrong. Scoring even more points than we had questions (almost) my money was on them or one of the other teams right from the beginning.

That's exactly the sort of night it was.
Fourth Time winners that have got to be some kind of record for teams that have won it four times.

'Team Woof Woof' returned tonight but sadly they were barking up the wrong tree and didn't quite get there.

Well done 'Marmalades' and well-done everyone in the world for doing whatever it is you do. We couldn't have done it without you.

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