Atlas Tue, Oct 17 2017 20:00

Left In Hough

David M

What happened tonight has probably never ever happened before apart from in a quiz or somewhere else.
It really was a ding, dang, doozy of a quiz that ended up finishing around about tenish or just after.
I've never ever seen anything like it apart from in a quiz.
So what did happen first of all?
OK a quiz happened.
This quiz must have happened somewhere, where did it happen?
The quiz happened in The Atlas pub in West Brampton

Ok, so here's what happened. Every single team that played tonight won something. Crates of beer, free brewery tour and booze, cash, you name it.

But when the dust settled it came down to two teams.
Two brave teams faced each other in a tie breaker to end all tie breakers.

'The Hough's' a brand new team from out of nowhere took the glory in a scene reminiscent of 'Pearl Harbour' the movie.

Sparks will fly came so close but not close enough.
Well done 'Hough's'
Well done everyone.
What a smashing night!

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