Atlas Tue, Oct 30 2018 20:00

Mark Twain

David M

It was packed in The Atlas. Everyone was there or somewhere else. It really was something.
'She put the jacket away, and stood by musing a minute. Twice she put out her hand to take the garment again, and twice she refrained. Once more she ventured, and this time she fortified herself with the thought: "It’s a good lie — it’s a good lie — I won’t let it grieve me." So she sought the jacket pocket. A moment later she was reading Tom’s piece of bark through flowing tears and saying: "I could forgive the boy, now, if he’d committed a million sins!"' Aunt Polly, after catching Tom in what she thought was his latest lie, which actually turned out to be the truth.
It's ironic isn't it that a passage of great American literature has nothing to do with what happened tonight?
"Straight Outta Brompton" won it again. They nearly didn't but it came down to a tie breaker with "Pen" and they won.
"Team Woof Woof" were third. Always high scoring.
Well done everyone and well done "Straights".
See you all again soon!

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