Atlas Tue, Aug 29 2017 20:00

Metholated Spirits

David M

Age old rivalry, a drunk walking in off the street and a knife edge cliff hanger. The Atlas quiz in West Brompton had everything.

Alfred Hitchcock couldn't have written it better. In fact if what happened tonight, happened in a film you'd think it was made up. But it wasn't. It was real. Everyone witnessed it and years from now we'll be telling our grandkids about it and in time they'll telling theirs about it as well....probably.

Let's just go over what did happen..... Let's face it what happened last week saw the Quiztells rabbit in the headlights, groping blindly for answers resulting in them finishing far down the bill and by the end of the first half tonight it looked like a similar melt down was taking pushed
Second half the tables changed and the Meth came back full of metholated spirits...but I'm getting ahead of myself

It would be wrong to say there wasn't tension. There was tension... There was load's of it and it would be wrong to say there wasn't any.

The tension between three time winner's La Triviata and Atlas high rollers Quiztell Meth is palpable. This was the first outing of the full La Triviata team since they spent their winnings on a slap up holiday in Spain.

Will and Tara flexed their muscles last week and bagged themselves a massive bottle of wine

Tom joining the team late since his geography research trip to Ibiza, helped to push the Trivs just that level higher. The idea of the research trip is to go to places all the time thus boosting La Triviatas chances of caning all the geography questions.

It was a strategy that paid off and left La Triviata, Quiztell Meth, and Seasonal Specials in joint first place.
That's right, three, one, two, three teams in first place.
It all came down to a tension packed nearest to question and Quiztell Meth ran in and stormed it. Just three numbers from the actual number. One, two, three. Not many numbers when you think about it.
But maths can be cruel. Only one other team could win the great big bottle of wine and that team would be the team with the second nearest number to the right number, that team was La Triviata and boy did they win it. They won it big.

Well done everyone. See you next week!

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