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No Soft Option

David M

When it comes to quizzing there's a place you can go where they take their quizzing very seriously indeed.

Folks around these parts say that the standard is high over in West Brompton in a little old place called The Atlas pub just near the tube station.

Some come from mile's around (Two mile's around)

I think what everyone is asking themselves tonight is what happened to Quiztell Meth?

Let's make no bones about it, there are not many teams that wouldn't be worried knowing that the Meth are up against them.

The Meth joyously romped home with first place last week but for some reason tonight something had blindsided them. It would be a complete mistake to say that was the end of The Meth.

Didn't people say that it would be the end of Mike Tyson after his first big defeat?
In the case of Tyson they were actually correct but in terms of the Meth they are wrong.

The Quiztells are still one of the top teams at The Atlas and I don't see anything changing that for a long time to come.

Perhaps one of the things that blindsided them was that they found themselves up against the formidable Soft Tops.

The Softs have thrown in their hand a and times at The Atlas pub and each time it turned out to be winning. Tonight was no exception.

It never gets too hard for the Softs. (That would have been a better headline than this one)
What ever you want to throw at them they absorb it like their name.

Perhaps one of the other factors that threw spanners into works was the participation of bottle of wine second place winners Three's A Crowd.

This brand new (in a way) twosome took on six man/woman Midland Powerhouse, four piece Meth ,five piece Softs and five piece Americans and managed to bag the free drink and the bottle of wine.

That's good quizzing by any standards.

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