Atlas Tue, Jul 11 2017 20:00

Six Fight On In The Rain

David M

Six teams fought on through the storming rain this Tuesday night at the Atlas pub in West Brompton

Six brave teams with nothing but quizzing in their blood and a pen in their hands fought like their lives depended on it.

Who were these brave people? I'll name them shall i? First there was Gaddafi Duck. Veterans at the game. Near winner's last week. Locals and stalwarts but boy did the fates have something in stall for them on Tuesday night and they missed the top slot by a mere eight points.

Then there was The London Atlas. A team of two. A brave team. A strong team and damn it a good team. There I've said it. They finished third in the game.

Second prizers were a three piece combo of out of control ravers from Racton Road. I'm talking about the Racton Ravers. And the way they were going at the end of the night ....... they'll be drinking wine until they've finished it.

But topping them all came a team out of nowhere. The soft tops. Clever, quick, cool, professional and deadly.

They played like warrior's coming out of the sand.
And when the body count was taken and the dust had settled on the horizon, it firmly became established that The Soft Top's reigned supreme

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