Atlas Tue, Sep 26 2017 20:00

Sonic Attack

David M

They played a very, very loud game. A full decibel crunching, cacophony of high volume quizzing.
Jack of all Trades played the loudest recorded game so far. They won first place

But they weren't the only winners tonight because every one was a winner........ but in reality some were more winners than others.
I'm talking about LaTriviata coming a very respectable second place and winning a great big bottle of wine in the process. Only two points separating them from the top slot.
LaTriviata played a new formation this time with Laura back on board.

The best thing LaTriviata ever did according to Tom was buy this pub.
The pub he is talking about of course is The Atlas in West Brompton.

There was some quacking going on tonight. It was completely quacker's.
The quacking was coming from a new team, a really quacking team....Gaddafi Duck clucked up and played for almost two hours, none stop (one stop) and did very well. Very well indeed.

Something tells me*(1) that we'll be seeing a lot more of them in the future

*(1) It was them that told me.

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