Atlas Tue, Jun 27 2017 20:00

The Bergs Had Norfolk n' Chance

David M

At The Atlas this Tuesday night eight heroic teams fought to the death*(1) in a no nonsense, in your face quizathon from Hell.

Three teams traveled all the way from Australia to take part in a quiz to end all quizzes.*(2)
One of those teams came back successful. That team was The Berg's and boy were they smiling when they took home sixty six smackaroons in their visiting Australian hand's.

Well done Berg's. With 33 points they had just one point on the brilliantly named Norfolk n' Chance. It was close. Very close indeed.

Also great to see repeat players John Trivia-ata back on the scene.

But surprise of the night has to be the Knights of The Round Table who had a blinding first and second half and ended up in third place. The tactic of playing round a round table really seems to have paid off and it suit's their name down to the ground.



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