Atlas Tue, Oct 09 2018 20:00

The Return Of "LaTriviata!"

David M

The return of "LaTriviata" surprised and shocked everyone, including themselves!
This was the most packed out the quiz has ever been since I have been hosting it here at The Atlas.

It was chocka-block! Multiple winners "The Soft Tops" were in attendance. Will and Tara were working as a two piece without Tom and seemed more than a little nervous about their chances.

In fact when they saw the opposition they predicted they would come last.

How wrong they were. The end of the second half left them in first place with 17, just one point ahead of "The Soft Tops". It seemed doubtful that they would maintain that lead but maintain it they did even though they didn't get the anagram, Tara's specialty.

Well done "LaTriviata" and well done everyone who came along!

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