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Three Horse Race

David M

There's something which they tell doctors, vets and quiz Master's.

Never become emotionally involved with your patients.

But we're human more or less. If we get pricked do we not bleed?*(1)

I was a bag of nerves*(2) when I arrived at The Atlas pub tonight.

For two time's in a row*(3) La Triviata have won the Tuesday night quiz. The chances of it happening again were about thirty million to one against.*(4)

For me there were only ever three teams in it. I knew it was going to be one of them but which one was it going to be?

By the end of the first half Quiztell Meth were storming ahead in the lead. The "Meth" our runners up from last week were playing like they meant business . Joining them in that first position and reigning over all the other team were newcomer's Piranha 3D. No one was prepared for what was to happen in the second half.

Here it comes....2nd half...A complete role reversal. La Triviata spun it round and took the championship prize for the third week running.

I asked them whatthecaningcaning to do with all the winnings from the last three weeks and they told me they're going to put it all together and take themselves off on holiday for a week in Majorca. A destination Tom had picked through his knowledge of geography.

A well deserved break.
Well played everybody


*(1) Yes we do.
*(2) I had indigestion
*(3) One after the other
*(4) Or one in three. Depending on which way you look at it.

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