Atlas Tue, Apr 03 2018 20:00


David M

It was a sticky night of condiment, breakfast type quizzing in The Atlas this Tuesday night.

Fifteen strong, fit, clever and fertile quizzers went head to head in a fertilizer type quiz to the death.*(1)

Three teams, count them, one, two, three. That's right three teams played as if their reputation's depended on it and they probably did.

At the end of the second half two teams, 'The Dolphins' and 'The Marmalades' were neck and neck.
In other words, anyone could have won it.*(2)

The cryptic tube station question was probably the decisive question.*(2)

When the dust settled and the scores were counted one team scored more than any other. 'The Marmalades' for the second week running bagged first prize by one glorious point.

'The Dolphins' didn't quite do it but they had a damn good go.

Congratulations 'Marmalades' and everyone else who played.

*(1) almost

*(2) providing they were taking part in the quiz

*(3) either that or one of the other questions

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