Atlas Tue, Apr 10 2018 20:00

You're In The Army Now

David M

Adjutant's aside this was a very hotly fought quiz.

Out of nowhere appeared close contenders You're A Quizard Harry, descending like a murder of crows onto The Atlas in West Brompton.

A collection of American and European players gathered together to see if they could make the Marmalades toast.

Were the Marmalades in danger of spreading themselves too thinly? No, they weren't but at the end of the first half it looked like they were, (but they weren't.)

There was O-range of different questions some harder than others, some very hard, some not quite so hard but still hard and some really not that hard but at the same time not easy.

One thing all the questions had in common was they all needed answering and The Marmalades did that more than anybody else.

Let's not take anything away from You're A Quizard Harry, but they played a mighty close game and if they'd scored a couple of more points than The Marmalades they'd have won...but they didn't, but they didn't lose that badly because they still won themselves a great big second prize bottle of wine.

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