Bedford Tavern, Finsbury Park Mon, Nov 19 2018 19:30

Creative Round Makes Up For Last Week's Disaster!

Marc F

"Quiz in Your Face" made up for last week's second place (they were M is for more than Murder last week) as they flapped ahead by three points to take their first win. Their foil sculpture of a penguin (in honour of David Attenborough's new TV series, Dynasties) captured the eyes of the judges to take a vital two points which was only just enough to give them breathing room from a very congested top leaderboard.
"Quiz Akabusi", who deserve a bonus point for their team name, were closest to the money on the distance between London and New York (flying in a westerly direction ;p) and were thrust into the spotlight for a play at the jackpot. Alas, it wasn't to be and going higher on a five lead to a four being turned over. The good news is the jackpot has risen over the £100 mark and now stands at a gargantuan £118.
Honourable mentions go out to first-timers, "The Girls" and "Just Here For the Beer" who performed commendably for teams of two and fought out a brave battle for the bottle of wine.
"The Brain Gremlins" and "Only Here For The Drinks" are still looking for their first wins, so their valiant showings this week should be enough impetus to give it another crack. If you're looking for a devilishly good Monday Night quiz in North London. Creative rounds, bonus drinks, free sweets and of course the mighty £118 jackpot means everyone is in for a chance to win big next Monday. See you at 7:30!!

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