Bedford Tavern, Finsbury Park Mon, Dec 03 2018 19:30

"Jingle My Balls" Feel Their Way To A Merry Victory!

Marc F

"Jingle My Balls" prevented themselves from a balls up and instead felt their way to a bonus two points and secure another win, asserting their dominance over The Bedford Tavern quizzers. Can they be beaten? Time will tell but teams will be preparing hard to snatch the trophy and enjoy in the spoils of the £50 bar tab.
This week, the winning team showed their skills of touch and were able to identify seven items out of eight in the mystery bag, in turn bagging a couple of bonus points. Kudos goes out to newcomers "Paris Hilton's Belly Button" (it turns out they thought her belly button was bigger than her feet — they were wrong) who were awarded for their creativity in coming up with some humorous guesses for items they weren't able to correctly identify. Next week, teams will be tested on their memory skills, so make sure you come with someone who has a photographic recollection.
The jackpot also rolls over after second-placers, even with their star player Amna, turned over a Queen when they went lower on a 10. Don't forget, everyone is in play for a chance at the jackpot, no matter where you finish in the main quiz, so even if your knowledge is questionable, there's always an opportunity to walk away with big money.
Will "The Brain Gremlins" turn their persistent third place into a win? Will a new team come and usurp the current champions? Will the team that's only here for the beer find some consistency? Who knows. But what's clear is that it's guaranteed to be a great deal of fun with the creative round, bonus drinks, great prizes, free sweets and of course a rollover jackpot which now stands at £61.
You'd better not miss out, the games start at 7:30 next Monday at the home of North London's best Monday night quiz. See you there.

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