Bedford Tavern, Finsbury Park Mon, Oct 29 2018 19:30

"Lib Dems" Actually Win Something

Marc F

The inaugural quiz at Finsbury Park's (and formerly London's) best pub was a hit despite it being a little quiet. Of the teams that snubbed the football and braved the cold weather to make it down for the best burgers (and quiz) in town, everyone went home with a prize — even a regular with a self-proclaimed fear of quizzes, who bagged himself a bonus drink and made Concorde look slow with his super-duper paper aeroplane. "Legalise Fraser", half of which hail from the other side of the world, are looking to avenge the "Quizlington Lib Dems" who beat them to the £50 bar tab by just two points next week so I would suggest you join them and aim to spoil their dreams by taking first prize and having a go for the jackpot which rolls over to next Monday. "The Lib Dems" representative failed at the third card on Play Your Cards Right as he incorrectly went higher on a six. This is despite being closest to the answer of how many times heavier the Earth is than the moon — it's 81 if you're curious. And if you're curious for fun and games next week at The Bedford, make sure you join all the teams from tonight and many more on Monday the 5th of November. Remember it starts at 7:30 and we have all the fireworks you'll need.

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