Bedford Tavern, Finsbury Park Mon, Dec 10 2018 19:30

Memorable first win for the Brain Gremlins

Marc F

After teams tested their memory in the creative round, "The Brain Gremlins" surged ahead and came out on top for their maiden victory after six solid weeks of performances without a win.

'Amanda Byne's Comeback' nearly made a comeback by remembering the most amount of items from a mystery tray and bagged the cookies (the winnable mystery item) as well as the extra two points which were enough the secure the bottle of wine on their debut.

It was mighty close this week and the jackpot wasn't won by "Cheap Monday", who were missing some of their star players, so I suggest you'd better come down next week and play Finsbury Park and Holloway's greatest quiz.

The jackpot, which everybody is in play for, now stands at a beefy £71 and of course, you'll have a chance for plenty more prizes, creative brilliance and sweets — lots of sweets!

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