Bedford Tavern, Finsbury Park Mon, Nov 05 2018 19:30

Teams Ripped Asunder By The Team From Down Under

Marc F

A quiz that favoured those from the Antipodes was enough to conquer The Bedford's boffins in attendance and claim the £50 bar tab. Regulars, "Legalise Fraser", picked up their first win since the return of the quiz, edging "Brain Gremlins" by four points, despite their extensive sci-fi and Robbie Williams knowledge. In the end, knowing which city celebrated New Year's Eve first as well as the national flower of Australia and the home of Skippy the Kangaroo proved to be the difference — that, and their mesmerising drawing of Guy Fawkes for two bonus points. Too Easy, as they might say down under.
The great thing about the quiz at The Bedford is its glut of prizes with everyone being in for a shout. Two teams won drinks prizes, the rest won sweets and even "The Gremlins and Kevin", who had a shocker in the quiz itself, had a chance to win the £60 jackpot. They correctly identified Mel Gibson's year of birth to play for the top prize. Unfortunately, Play Your Cards Right wasn't popular from where their nominated player was from and they decided not to change a 5. Opting to go higher, the next card was a 4, so the jackpot rolls over to next week and now stands at a whopping £86!!
Make sure you come next week to win sweets, drinks, creative competitions and of course that elusive jackpot at Finsbury Park's hottest quiz!

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