Birdcage Tue, Jan 10 2017 19:30

Exciting Tiebreaker Finish!!!!!!!

Matthew D

Fully back into the mindless drone of 2017, I'm betting the packed house (or Crowded House) was the result of people wanting to let their hair down with a good pub quiz. Lots of people playing tonight including lots of regulars, including the return of Frankie's Angels after a hiatus, as well as some new faces which was lovely to see. One team, The Bearded Puds, had me swear an oath of secrecy that I would not reveal an extra member was coming. Obviously this caused me some confusion, but halfway through a surprise player turned up who one of the team was not aware was coming because he had flown from Australia the previous day- lovely to see! My shoutout this week goes to Girl Gang, who were my highest scoring team per person and, apparently, they have jackets with the name Girl Gang on which would be awesome to see! Thank you all for coming and see you soon!

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