Birdcage Tue, Nov 29 2016 19:30

Frankie's Angels do the Double!

Matthew D

This week's quiz was full of tricky little multiple point questions that really gave some teams the runaround, whilst giving other teams the edge. Lots of new faces tonight which was pleasing to see so hopefully I see them return in future weeks. Atomic Quizten, Quiz of the Stone age & You're a Quizzard Harry + It's Britney Bitch had a fierce rivalry between them as they all knew other and it was all pretty closely fought between them. Atomic Quizten even devised their own logo! I would be foolish to at least mention "your mum" too... they know what I mean! Two regular teams battled it out for first, both with two of the highest scores I have ever seen. Congratulations to Frankie's Angels for taking a win for a second week in a row and commiserations to the See you in the NT who were hot on their heels the whole way!

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Frankie's Angels
See you in the NT
Quiz of the Stone Age
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You're a Quizzard Harry + It's Britney, Bitch
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