Birdcage Tue, Dec 20 2016 19:30

Frankie's Angels do the... Oh wait... Where are they?

Matthew D

This week's quiz was the final one before Christmas (or Quizmas). Oh and what a quiz it was- the mood was festive and fun and the pub was full as it has ever been! 'Tis the season (or Quiz the season... Okay enough now) for many a Nöel pun in the names which were fantastic tonight. One team recognised me from my university days (which are still ongoing actually!) Another team was named simply for their love of Chutney and Ferrets so came up with the name of Chutney Ferrets- priceless! In the end, it was intensely fought, with one rivalry between a large group of gents who were in two teams. One of which, Last Christmas I gave you my herpes, went into the final tiebreaker question with Ropley Massive (from nearby Ropley Street)- a couple of amazing guesses from both teams but Last Christmas took it by a hair! Well-done to all teams taking part and hope to see you in the New Year! Merry Christmas!!!

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Top Teams
Last Christmas I gave you my herpes
Ropley Massive
Father Quizmas's Nut Quackers
Risky Christmas
Hogwarts School of Quizcraft and Quizzardry
Mike Hunt stinks like quiz
Chutney Ferrets
Quizteama Aguiliera
My drinking team has a trivia problem