Birdcage Tue, Jul 04 2017 19:30

Three Way Tiebreaker with the Intergalactic Mad Ladies on top!

Matthew D

Last night's quiz was an absolute hoot. Plenty of new faces and lots of regulars flooded the Birdcage in what turned out to be a tricky little quiz. People found a lot of the questions very tricky but still many teams did great. It was sad to see the Quizzy Rascal's down a member, hopefully back to full strength next week! Nice naming with the Independence Day Resurgence team too. In the end, there was a THREE-WAY TIEBREAKER between Mike Ashley's Board Meeting, Thomas the Tanking Engine and Intergalactic Mad Bitches on Tour. After so many weeks on top, the Australians of Thomas the Tanking Engine were finally bested by the newbies of Intergalactic Mad Bitches. Congratulations!

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Top Teams
Intergalactic Mad Bitches on Tour
Thomas the Tanking Engine
Mike Ashley's Board Meeting
Frankie's Angels
Independence Day Resurgence
Quizteama Aguiliera
Quizzy Rascal -1