Black Horse Mon, Dec 12 2016 20:00

£450 jackpot remains...

Ellie W

The Black Horse is the perfect way to kick start your week. It's brand spanking new decor just before the summer makes it a super slick hang out with a shabby chic twist. The jackpot remains and is Kingston's biggest rollover at £450.00!
1st tonight was 'X-Ray Monkiez' with 2nd place being '5 minus 1' well done y'all! Also shout out to Cheesey who nearly, nearly scored the rollover but turned the King of Spades card around - we are looking for the Ace of Spades. Fingers crossed a deserving team takes the jackpot before the big day. See you next week!

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X-Ray Monkiez
5 minus 1
Team Canada