Black Horse Mon, Feb 27 2017 20:00

£500 cash remains...

Mark T

All by Myself... the saddest of songs, but the name of the winning team none the less, leading by a clear 4 points in the end on a packed Monday night at the Black Horse in Kingston Town. Normally that is the crowning glory, the reward of a £50 food and drink voucher, but tonight was another chance to win the MASSIVE JACKPOT of £500!!!!!!!!!!!

The all girl football team from Hampton, known as 'The Beavers' won the right to play for that impressive jackpot... and sadly didn't come away with the prize!

So what does that mean? It means two things... First of all, the jackpot stays at £500, and secondly... because it is by playing a game called Chase The Ace where a card gets turned over every week... it gets easier to try and guess where the ace is every week. It is probably a 10-1 chance now of winning the £500. Wow! Better than the Lottery.

Will we be seeing you at the quiz soon?

Have a great week,


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