Black Horse Mon, Nov 06 2017 20:00

Olivia Neutron Bomb

David M

There was a song which came out in the 1970s or 1980s or something like that. I remember hearing it on either the radio or alternatively on the TV. In those days TV only had three or four channels, so if it wasn't on any of those then you wouldn't have seen it.

So what was it?
The song was about the human body it was called Let's Get Physical.
The singer was Olivia Newton John.

The reason why I mention this is because the winners of tonight's my-mouth 72 player quiz in The Black Horse in Kingston were called 'Let's get quizzical'. It reminded me very much of the Olivia Newton John song I was just talking about except that the last word was quizzical and not physical.

This was a massive night with massive energy. Well done everyone and thank you very much for coming.

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