Black Horse Mon, Jun 26 2017 20:00

Vetting and betting

Mark T

I was expecting it to be a little quiet at the Black Horse pub tonight. Not because I was standing-in for the excellent Ellie, as I'm excellent too... in my own small way... but because it was sunny and warm and lovely outside. But then so was the atmosphere inside (cheesy, but true) at one of the friendliest pub teams I know.

And so to the questions, which seemed to have a slightly higher than average amount of animal related questions. Great news for the vet from team Dusty Carpets! He was getting a little smart when I asked how to age a horse (by its teeth), as he said he looks at its passport. Really? I suppose dogs have them, so why not horses too, but I doubt they have them in Mongolia. Anyhoo... they were the winnning team by some clear margin, so congratulations to them this week.

The jackpot rolls over too, so next week should be at least £176. Not bad for a small entry fee and loads of fun.

Have a great week,


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