Black Horse Mon, Sep 03 2018 20:00

Youth and Brains

Mark T

A large team called the "Moscow Misses" were a group of girls specialising in history, but their general knowledge was pretty good too, bringing them in second, which is amazing considering their young age! But... just beaten by two points, was another young team called "Outkast", proving that our education system is doing a fine job in setting up our next generation. This is especially relevant after the recent GCSE and A-level results, so well done guys.

A few regular faces too, which was nice for me, as I was just filling in for the lovely Ellie who is the regular quizmaster at this fine establishment. Thanks for making me feel so welcome again.

So did anyone win the jackpot?


The "Moscow misses" got halfway through the pack of cards on 'Play Your Cards Right' before being taken out by a rogue low card. That means the jackpot rolls over to £396 next week - a fantastic sum of money.

Ellie will be back then to sort out the madness that is The Black Horse Quiz.

Have a great week!

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