Black Lion Tue, Jun 19 2018 20:00

Back Of The Net From Quiztiano Ronaldo

Andrew P

World Cup fever has well and truly hit The Black Lion and Quiztiano Ronaldo won with a last minute tie-breaker penalty, with them and You're a Quizard Harry both having finished on 35 points! We all laughed when it was revealed that the humerus was located between the shoulder and the elbow, it was Christmas day for those who knew that those born on 25th December were Capricorns and you could judge a book by it's cover when Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix popped up in the picture questions! Apart from the dramatic finish, it was also a very special night as solo player Matthaus (representing I Am Young I Need The Money) won the Jackpot picking the right envelope after correctly stating that footballer Miroslav Klose had scored 16 goals overall during his time at World Cup Finals. Whilst the tournament is still young, we aren't at the knockout stages just yet and the teams will be back for more head to heads next week!

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