Blue Anchor Hammersmith Tue, Oct 13 2015 20:00

Meat Lovers (Quarter) Pound The Opposition

Chris M

Hey guys, it's your favourite Chrismaster here, reporting from the Blue Anchor In Hammersmith. We've seen an epic struggle for the winner's spot this evening, with the big battle taking place between Meat Lovers and Sweden (not the entire country, mind you, we do in fact limit team sizes to 6 people...). Anyway, Meat Lovers - who had at least one vegetarian on their team - tore into their opponents, ferociously answering correctly a question about Cumberland sausages. Before tonight, I'd never seen someone "ferociously" answer a question, but when you attend our weekly Blue Anchor Tuesday night quiz, you're bound to see something dramatic.

Meat Lovers are today's champions supreme - are you too chicken to take them on?

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